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Survey and the State Emergency Management Agency to learn about earthquake basics,.Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills help people in homes, schools, and organizations worldwide improve preparedness and practice how to be safe during earthquakes.A 5.6-magnitude earthquake occurred just after 7 a.m. Saturday in northern Oklahoma.In the vast majority of cases, EEW will alert users that although the ground is about to shake,.Shake, Rattle, No Roll: Construction Guide for Earthquake-Resistant Buildings.The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and a series of university partners are developing an earthquake early warning system called ShakeAlert, which aims to.

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That earthquake had a magnitude of 3.3. USGS Shake Map For Northern California.View this interactive earthquake map which shows the earthquake locations, shaking intensity, and population as well as social media updates regarding earthquakes.

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The Resilience Program of the Association of Bay Area Governments seeks to promote.Peak ground acceleration (PGA) is equal to the maximum ground acceleration that occurred during earthquake shaking at a location.They use the shake table to determine which shape and size buildings best.SHAKE2000 is a Windows based, user-friendly computer program that will help geotechnical earthquake engineers and researchers with the analysis of site-specific.

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While no structure can be entirely immune to damage from earthquakes, the goal of.

This natural color image of Christchurch, New Zealand, is overlain with a measure of the ground shaking in the area during the February 2011 earthquake.REQ2 - New version of Recent Earthquakes Map that uses Google Maps Did you feel it? - click.K-12 Education. 2008-2009 K-12 Outreach Program. which are subjected a ground motion recorded during the 1994 Northridge earthquake on the shake table in the.SHAKE2000 A Computer Program for. user-friendly computer program that will help geotechnical earthquake engineers and researchers.

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An ABAG report on earthquake threats to interdependent transportation and.The CISN Real-Time ShakeMaps include maps of measured ground motion.The Great Utah Shake Out seeks earthquake preparedness. The Shake Out program originally started in. and joined the writing staff of St.Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake in Oklahoma USGS is providing up-to-date information. Read Story.

ShakeMap is a representation of ground shaking produced by an earthquake.The equipment that reproduces these motions is called a shake.

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The earthquake could be felt in the Dallas area and as far north as.